everything is so fast
The Only Exception
  • fun first date ideas: overthrow ur government w/ the bae

la dispute (by n.hanson138)

twin size mattress by the front bottoms makes me very emotional so i made a transparent thing.

oh my fucking god, it’s like 2 am i think, and i cannot put into words how much i miss him. i miss kissing him and sleeping in his car, i miss when he reached and put my hair behind my ear and told me to look up because he wanted to see my face. i miss him calling me beautiful and the way his face looks and making out when we’re half asleep. i dont know how to deal with this. i fucking fall asleep in his flannel, i think about how cute he is and how he shouldn’t hate himself so much because i like him more than anyone i’ve met. oh god, oh god, oh god


"can we just say nothing for a bit?"